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What exactly is "decarboxylation"...?

The process of applying the RIGHT amount of heat to your flower to activate the T.H.C. Without activation of T.H.C, you won't experience the "high" from the herb.

Smoking is one way to do so, but it only activates about fraction of the T.H.C in the flower, meaning you're throwing away product (and money).

A proper decarb can activate the maximum amount of T.H.C in your flower - giving you the most out of your product.


This article will detail 5 amazing reasons
WHY you should decarb herb before usage.


#1. A Perfect Decarb Will Save You Money

As mentioned, smoking only activates a fraction of the T.H.C in your flower. Our data shows about 80% is wasted, meaning you're throwing away good flower (and money along with it).

No matter how you choose to consume (smoking, edibles, sublinguals, etc), decarbing before consuming will maximize the amount of T.H.C in the flower you have. This allows you to consume less, without compromising potency.



A proper decarb activates T.H.C. into the flower. After the process is complete, you can literally eat the flower (ahem, if you choose to).

Even better, you can still smoke and vape decarbed flower for [highly] increased potency.


#3. Control your dosage, at home

We've all had that experience with edibles.
Eat 1. Nothing. Eat 2. Nothing. Eat 3…

When you get edibles from elsewhere, it's difficult to understand the dosage (until it's too late).

However, when you control your decarb, it’s easy to understand your dosage.


#4. It's the easiest way to make edibles

As mentioned above, you can simply consume the decarbed herb as is, or you can take the activated flower and throw it into whatever recipe you’re making. Brownies? Throw some decarbed flower or concentrates into your batter and cook as usual. You can of course still infuse into an oil/butter, and it’ll take a lot less time (and smell) to get your infused oil.

Because you’re getting such potent material you’ll only need a little. That combined with the herb not being “overcooked” will result in a less “weed-y” taste.


#5. Know your dose!

Maybe 10mg is your ideal vibe, or maybe it’s 50. If you don’t get it right, it’s no fun to find out you took too much or too little 1-3 hours after. With a perfect decarb you can use science, not guessing, to know exactly how much you are consuming. That means you get to decide, is this a 5mg type of day or do I need 25?