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3 Steps ease of use

Activate, Infuse & Bake In Your Device
Load Your Ardent

Load the device with herbs or vegetables

Activate Your Herbs

Activate your material with the activation cycle of your choice

Infuse Into Food & Consume

Infuse your activated material into foods, topicals, butters, oils and more

Activate. Infuse. Enjoy.
Save $100 Use Code: 100OFF

Ardent technology is the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to activate plant material. Our devices convert your herbs into their activated forms, then allows you to infuse them into butter, oil, ghee, and other bioavailable mediums.

See How Our Device Works

Activate with Ardent

Achieve more than 97% activation of your
material in every cycle

Learn How to Use Activated Material

Activated Material

Make instant edibles by activating your material and enjoying it alone or sprinkled atop of any food.

Activated Material

Turn activated material into bioavailable plant butter, oils, ghee, and more, to infuse into foods or to be enjoyed on their own.

Bake Activated material

Bake with your activated material to make edibles, gummies, chocolates and much more.

Our Community

“I use my Ardent to make infuse cosmetics - creams, lotions, massage candles and so much more!"

Mike Harmon 
Ardent Community Member Since 2020

“The Ardent FX is my go-to for infusing the perfect dose into my recipes. Thank you to the Ardent Community”

Monica Lo 
Ardent Community Member Since 2019

“This device is the only way to a perfect activation and infusion.”

Ardent Community Member Since 2017

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