What is Decarboxylation

Why Use An Ardent? 

Equipped with advanced logic, dual sensor technology, and a hi-tech thermal blanket, the Lift and Flex use precision heating cycles to achieve fully decarboxylated material without loss or degradation.

First, What is Decarboxylation?

What is decarboxylation you ask? The process for decarboxylation is a function of time, temperature, and atmosphere. Ultimately, the goal is to fully activate your material for higher potency than traditional methods such as using an oven, toaster, crockpot, lighting it on fire, or even using the sous vide decarb method.
Fully activating your material without destroying valuable potency is a precise and scientific process. When done correctly, you get more out of your material and also have infinite ways to use it. This is exactly why we developed a decarboxylator that encapsulates this complicated process and transforms it into a reliable tool that is discreet and easy to use at home. It is flexible, efficient, and easy to use.

How To Make Activated Infused Oil (Best Infusion Ratio Tested) 

Choosing a good oil for the infusion isn’t too difficult. Every oil we tested had an infusion rate of 80% or higher, and some over 90%.