What is Ardent Activation?

Ardent technology is the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective way to activate plant material in any space that has an outlet. The LIFT and FLEX devices convert your herbs into their activated forms, then allows you to infuse them into butter, oil, ghee, and other bioavailable mediums.

How To Activate With Your Ardent Device

Load Your Ardent
Activate Your Herbs
Infuse & Consume

Activate your plant material for instant use or bake delicious treats right inside the same handy device. It's as simple as pressing a button!

Save Money With Activated Herbal Material

Ardent enables you to consume less by stretching out what you already have. Ardent's precision technology activates more than 97% of available herbal elements, giving you little to no loss with each infusion - impossible with an oven, toaster oven, or crockpot.

An Innovative and Discreet Herbal Activation and Infusion Devices

Ardent technology saves money, time, and hassle. Make custom dosed food, drink, topicals, tinctures, capsules, and more in a discreet, all-in-one smart device.


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Getting Started

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