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Winter Holidays Just Got Better

Despite this year being a challenging one, to say the least, we have so many things to be thankful for; family, friends, food, and infused food, of course. This holiday season, we wanted to share some joy with our beloved Ardent community, so we created our Gravy & Stuffing Sampler Infusion Kit (note, the kit does not come infused, you’ll need to do that). 

To get started, decarb, infuse your oil, and cook these delectable savory edibles – all directly in your Ardent FLEX or LIFT. For the ultimate in ease, use the Infusion Press for a mess-free infusion. 

What’s Included In Each Gravy Kit?

  • 3x Stuffing Mix Flavors
    • Classic Cornbread
    • Traditional Savory
    • New-England Style Cranberry
  • 2x Gravy Mix Flavors
    • Brown Gravy
    • Turkey Gravy (Comes with Classic style kit)
    • Functional Reishi Mushroom Gravy (Comes with Reishi Mushroom vegetarian style kit)
  • 2x Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flavors
    • Traditional (Estate) Koroneiki EVOO
    • Tuscan Herb Koroneiki EVOO
  • 1x Seasoning Packet

Enjoy Thanksgiving flavors in three unique varieties: Country Classic Cornbread Stuffing, Traditional Savory Stuffing, and New England-Style Cranberry Stuffing. Each kit (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) also comes with a choice of gravy. You’ll receive brown gravy, and either savory vegetarian mushroom gravy with adaptogenic reishi, or hearty Turkey gravy. You also get that extra oomph of flavor with the included seasoning packet. 

As an extra special addition, to give our thanks to you, we’ve tossed in a sampler duo of our wildly popular Traditional Estate and Tuscan Herb Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which can be either added to your stuffing or infused and used in other delicious foods. 

Whether you’re celebrating with family, setting a socially-distanced table for one over Zoom, or creating your own infused side dish to spice up regular ‘ol leftovers, we’ve got delicious stuffing options just waiting to be infused by you. Grab your Ardent device and get ready for liftoff. Happy holidays, and happy infusing!