Lift Decarboxylator & Infuser


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Lift Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

About Product

The Ardent LIFT – the OG Decarb Device

  • Full activation
  • Use to infuse butter and oil!
  • Odorless and mess-free, no cleanup necessary
  • Easy to use from your home (unit is 7.5″ x 4″)
  • Holds up to 1 ounce of herbs and 5 ounces of concentrates

Please be aware that all customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer. Ardent does not take responsibility for customs charges incurred.

Outlet Plug Type:

There are two models for the Ardent LIFT, one is a 110-volt plug for US and Canada, and the other is a 220-volt plug for international use. Be sure you select the right type before making your purchase!

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