Apple Pie Infusion Kit
Apple Pie Infusion Kit
Apple Pie Infusion Kit
Apple Pie Infusion Kit

Apple Pie Infusion Kit


Looking for a cozy infused treat that’s perfect for the holidays and delicious all year round? Our latest DIY kit puts a modern twist on an All-American favorite – Apple Pie!

All the power of customization with no cooking or baking experience is required.

Compatible with our Ardent FX (Flex), this all-in-one kit allows you to bake an infused apple pie, from crust to filling, with a totally customizable dose, directly inside the unit. Don’t have an Ardent FX (Flex)? Don’t worry. You can still use this kit with the Ardent Nova (Lift), just bake the filling in-unit and pour it into the crust afterward.

For Our Super Smellers

Instead of cleaning your entire device, just rinse the Vessel with water and soap for an easier clean up!

Odor/Light Proof Storage

Our air tight silicon cap guarantees quality storage without any odors!

Easy To Use

Just do what you normally would do except instead of putting it directly in the device, add it to the Vessel! 

Prevent Accidental Spills

Avoid the risk of spilling and losing your infused material by using the Vessel.

Decarb, Infuse, Bake

We've made the decarboxolation and infusion process easier than ever. Simply add the plant material of your choice (no need to grind). Select your mode: A1 or A2 and then infuse the oil or butter of your choice. 

If you choose to bake, just add your ingredients directly into the FX and press the button again!

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