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Best Infuser Machine:
Comparing Top Brands

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Why compare infuser machines?

You know when someone tells you something over and over again, you start to blindly believe them without doing your own research to see if they are telling the truth? That's exactly what's happening in this industry. Brands have been claiming their device is better than their competitors for years without providing proof that they actually are!

We are here to set the record straight.

Infuser machines can be quite pricey. If you're going to invest your money into an infuser machine, don't you want to make sure you are buying the best of the best? 

So how do we compare infuser machines unbiasedly?

When comparing infuser machines, it’s important that we stay unbiased and look at the pure facts. We have gathered information on the top 3 infusion machines on the market directly from their own websites to give you the most accurate information.

For those who don’t know what they should even be looking for with an infusion machine, no worries! We got you. We will explain it all for you in this blog post!

Summary of the best infuser machine:

In case you don’t have time to read through the details of each component we are comparing, here’s a simple chart we made just for you!

If you want to learn more about what you should be looking for in an infuser machine, buckle up!

Does the infuser machine decarb?

For those who don’t know what decarbing is, decarbing is simply the process of adding just the right amount of heat, for just the right amount of time, to activate as much of the ~special effects~ in your plant material as possible. Sounds simple, but veterans know finding the precise heat and time is a pain! Check out our blog on Decarboxylation 101: Beginners Guide to learn more.

If you are spending upwards of $300 for an infusion machine, the machine MUST decarb. This is extremely important because you can’t create any infused recipe WITHOUT decarbing FIRST.

NOTE: When activating your plant material, you have to set the temperature and time yourself for the REVO devices. On the other hand, Ardent devices automatically do that for you. 

If you are buying an infusion machine, you buy it because it makes the infusion process easier! The idea is that the machine decarbs and infuses for you at a touch of a button….. versus you calculating the exact temperature and time to decarb your plant material, preheating the oven, going through that process, stinking up your home, and having to clean all of it up after.

So to avoid all that, the infusion device MUST have the capability to decarb! 

Can the infuser machine infuse mediums? Such as butter and oil?

NOTE: Some brands claim you can infuse oils, butter AND honey in their devices. This is a cheap marketing lie! Oils and butters are totally fine, but we know from the science of infusion that honey is not one of them.

Decarbed plant material likes to cling onto high fat content mediums, such as butter, oil, and surprisingly booze–but NOT honey. There are ways you can infuse honey, but the traditional way some brands promote it is not one of them. If you try it, your dosage will be off and you will be wasting a lot of material.

Is the infuser machine third-party lab tested?

If you’ve read our blog, Decarboxylation 101: Beginners Guide, you know how scientific the decarbing process is. Figuring out the right science is what determines how much activation you are getting in your plant material (aka how strong your eddybowls will be).

If a machine isn’t third-party lab tested, how are you supposed to know how effective it is? You could be decarbing your plant material at 80% and not know you are wasting 20% of it!

On top of this process being heavily science-based, since the machines are expensive at a price point of $300, isn’t it the bare minimum to be third-party lab tested? To be able to provide you with unbiased PROOF of how much it’s activating your favorite herbs?

What's the MINIMUM plant material required for the infuser machine?

Do you always have 2 oz of your favorite herbs laying around? If you do, this shouldn’t matter to you. However, for those who don’t, the high minimum requirement may not work for you. 

NOTE: We searched everywhere online for REVO's plant material minimum requirement and couldn't find the answer. We also reached out to their support team and got the vague answer of, "The minimum amount would be as long as the herb is submerged in the oil/butter you should be fine!"

Yeah..... We don't understand either.

What's the MAXIMUM plant material the infuser machine can hold?

On the contrary, if you want the option to make big batches, REVO may not work for you. REVO does have an option where you can make 1 oz batches; however, you can only do this on one of their devices (C series).

Is the infuser machine dishwasher safe?

Again, if you are paying up to $300, the machine better be dishwasher safe! We all know how much of a pain it is to clean oil and butter.

NOTE: Mystical Butter has a self-cleaning option. Although the machine isn’t dishwasher safe, because you don’t need to manually clean it, we give them credit for this.

Is the infuser machine odorless?

You know when you walk into a room and you instantly smell that good good? Well, if you’ve ever tried to decarboxylate at home, you know dry activate (decarbed herbs) can stink up your entire house within seconds! Since plant material has a strong odor, it’s super important that your infusion machine is odorless.

Is the infuser machine noiseless?

Mystical Butter's infusion device isn't noiseless. The company itself has an entire section explaining how their product makes a loud squeal and how it's totally normal?

Is the infuser machine portable?

Unless you always want to showcase your infuser on your kitchen countertop, it’s important that your machine is portable so that you can tuck it away in your cabinets. Who wants to explain to your not-so-accepting family members what the device does? Not us! Plus, it’s also nice when you can bring your machine over to a friend's place.

REVO has two devices now. Their OG device is 100% not portable; however, their other device the C series is portable. This device is more expensive though! 

Honorable mentions:

There are some features each of these brands have that although aren’t top priority, they are nice to have and worth mentioning!


  • Ardent gives you a complimentary carrying case that is discreet so that you're able to bring your device anywhere.
  • Ardent has the ability to cook recipes right in the device, such as: cooking soups, pasta, coffee, etc.
  • Ardent has the ability to bake recipes right in the device, such as: baking cupcakes, muffins, brownies, etc.


  • REVO's device comes in a variety of colors.
  • REVO has an app that connects your device to your phone using bluetooth. It's available on both IOS and Android.

Mystical Butter

  • Mystical Butter has the ability to cook recipes in the device. We know you can create soups and dips in it; however, it is not clear if you can cook outside of that.

Conclusion of the best infuser machine: 

That’s it folks! Facts don’t lie. Ardent is the clear winner here!

Even though we did the research for you, feel free to go over it yourself! A popular ~herbal~ cooking website, Kitchen Toke, also did their own comparison on these three devices, backing up everything we just went over with you. Feel free to check it out here!


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Ardent FX


The Ardent FX (Flex) is the only all-in-one decarb, infusion, melting and baking appliance requiring no herbal, cooking, or baking experience on the market!

The FX features multiple sensors that take the guess work out of decarb and infusion. No need to scroll through countless sites or blogs for best temperature settings. Gone are the days of wondering if your oven is calibrated correctly. We've made it easier than ever to achieve success with a push of a button.

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