Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI

Ardent MINI


Small and mighty has ARRIVED!

Activate any plant material and instantly get more out of your flower or concentrate with lab-grade precision activation. Effortlessly infuse oil or butter (any medium of your choice) and elevate your food, drink, skincare, hair care and BEYOND. Backed by science and features Ardent's patented technology and the Ardent FX's sleek, portable design.

Activate, Infuse and Create ANYWHERE!

This cute companion is an exciting upgrade to the beloved Ardent Nova. The Ardent MINI includes separate settings: A1 (T*C & C*G), A2 (C*D), and Infuse. Additionally, use the A2 setting to bake something small in-unit. The MINI can hold up to 1 ounce of flower depending on density and 6 ounces of oil.


Skip the store and create infused goods at home for a fraction of the price

1 Year Warranty

All Ardent machines come with a standard 1 year warranty


Ensures discreet decarb in case you have nosey roomates


Easy as pressing one button for 97% - 100% activation. Perfect for infusing, cooking and baking


Small and Mighty

How to use the MINI


Add Plant Material

Plug in your device then add your herb inside the unit and close the lid.
  Choose A1 to activate T*C & C*G.
Choose A2 to activate C*D.


Add infusion medium 

After the decarb cycle is complete, you can actually sprinkle the dry decarb over any food and make it an instant edible!

If you would like to infuse, pour your infusion medium (ghee, butter, oil, milk, cream, and more) on top of the herb, covering it entirely. Place lid back on and begin the infusion process by running the MINI’s Infuse setting.


Enjoy Edibles on-the-Go

Once your infusion cycle is complete, strain out your material and either add your infusion to a recipe or store for later use.

Alternatively; bake a tiny treat, using the activated material or infusion, directly inside the unit on the A2 setting.

The Elite Edible maker

We've made the decarboxylation and infusion process easier than ever. Simply add the plant material of your choice (no need to grind).

Select your mode: A1 or A2 for activation, and then infuse the medium of choice. If you choose to bake, just add your ingredients directly into the MINI and press A2. (Be sure to place device lid back on before running cycles.)

Try infusing with ghee, butter, olive oil, milk, cream, bacon grease -- the possibilities are endless!

Why buy Ardent?

Perfect Decarb every single time

Our patented technology offers two decarb modes: A1 for T*C and C*G, and A2 for C*D. Each mode guarantees 97 - 100% activation every single time at the touch of a button! 


Owned and operated by Founder, CEO and Inventor, Shanel Lindsay.

Backed by science & laboratory tested

Backed by science, Ardent partnered with MCR Labs to ensure our devices provide the highest level of plant material activation and infusion, giving you the highly effective and cost-saving final product. You can skip the infusion step and sprinkle the decarbed plant material right into your recipes!


Unlike our magical competitor, our device is 100% noiseless and discreet. Blends in seamlessly with your other kitchen gadgets! 

Create edibles anywhere

Want to enjoy an elevated treat but skip the hassle or mess of infusing an oil or cooking something special? Try the Instant Edible method!

This skips the infusion step and is the simplest, cleanest way to turn literally any dish into a medicated treat. Instant Edibles are created by adding activated plant material in your normal cooking or baking recipes, or by sprinkling it on top just like any other herb.

Add to meals, takeout, or even capsules – dosed to your delight. Perfect for when you're on-the-go!


Meet Shanel Lindsay

Before launching Ardent in 2015, Shanel was a medical patient suffering from chronic pain and inflammation caused by an ovarian cyst she developed after having her son.Not wanting to use traditional pain killers that cause adverse side effects, she turned to plant-based medicine.

Unfortunately, she soon discovered that using the plant as an accurate medicine was almost impossible to dose.Determined and motivated to find a solution, Shanel worked with scientists at MCR Labs and invented the NOVA Decarboxylator & Infuser, Ardent's flagship product that accurately decarbs and infuses your herb.

In 2020, Shanel took the same technology and launched the Ardent FX all-in-one cooking, infusion, and baking device, which has been dubbed the Easy Bake Oven for Adults. She has grown a global brand in Ardent Life and has received multiple patents for her inventions.

Founder, CEO & Inventor