Infused Homemade Ube Ice Cream

Ube ice cream is delicious and purple, so naturally, we love it. When we saw My Healthy Dish’s simple 4 ingredient recipe, we had to get in on the fun! 

The only fresh ingredient needed for this recipe is heavy cream, but you can infuse the whole batch to try some of our other infused recipes like tiramisu, infused coffee with cream, or gooey, indulgent caramels.

How to Get Started

This recipe uses infused heavy cream. Start by decarbing your plant material inside the Ardent Nova or Ardent FX. Using the Nova, just press the single button interface to start the cycle, making sure the silicone portion of the device, along with the black lid, are securely fastened in place. Using the FX, press the M “mode” button until you’ve landed on the mode you wish to begin. Make sure the lid is secured in place, then press the power button to begin your decarb cycle. 

Once your material is activated, remove it from the device and submerge it in heavy cream, using the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve or an unlidded Vessel for mess-free cleanup. Place back in the device, and infuse by running another cycle in the Nova, or an Infuse cycle in the FX. 

Strain plant material out of your cream using the Ardent Frainer (or Infusion Press if you infused directly inside the FX chamber) and store your infusion in the fridge until it’s completely cooled. 

      Trying out Ardent infused ube ice cream? Tag us online at @ardent_herbal so we can feature you!

      Equipment Needed

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