Our Personal Journey into Pain relief

You might assume we're just another company trying to sell you a product, but that's not quite the whole story.

We've had the incredible privilege of witnessing our very own COO, Miriam, experience a life-changing transformation as she gained control over her pain. A long-time consumer, she was spending a significant amount on dispensary edibles and experimenting with her own methods, only to realize later that she was doing it all wrong 🤦‍♀️. She already knew plant medicine held the key to her pain relief, but Ardent made it accessible (and affordable!) and simplified the process – it's so straightforward that now she enjoys infusion-free relief every night for pain-free evenings and whenever a little discomfort surfaces during the day.

The best part? 

The fear of pain has vanished

Miriam is armed with a shield more potent than the pain's sword. Curious about the journey that ignited our war against pain? Miriam is eager to share her story and even more excited to listen to yours!

Ardent's Solution to a painless Life comes in two shapes

Ardent FX


Effortless Activation

Instantly activate plant compounds for effective pain relief with the touch of a button.

Tailored Relief

Customize your pain management by infusing oils and butters or skip the fats entirely without sacrificing effect.

Scientific Assurance, Complete with Accessories

Backed by research and MCR Labs partnership. Enjoy the widest range of accessories for a complete pain relief experience.

Ardent MINI


Compact Efficacy

Potent pain relief in a smaller footprint, with Ardent MINI's precision activation technology.

Compact Size, Great Results

Experience the same exceptional results with our smaller, yet potent pain relief solution. Get relief by adjusting the medium and dosage to your preferences.

Proven Effectiveness

Backed by science and user reviews, Ardent MINI ensures reliable pain relief through its patented activation and infusion methods.

a breakthrough in pain relief that doesn't just promise—it delivers

Effectively Tackle Pain Without The Downsides (in fact, lots of upsides!)

It ACTUALLY works: Ardent products provide real and reliable pain relief that you can count on. No more wondering if you'll find relief or not.

Helping you reclaim your true self: Imagine experiencing moments of relief, allowing you to regain your sense of normalcy and joy in life.

Remember what it's like to feel, well, nothing: Pain can dominate your thoughts and feelings. With Ardent, you can experience the freedom of being pain-free, and repeat for consistently pain-free days and nights.

Pain Relief That Puts You In Control

Activate nature's potential and easily create solutions that offer respite from pain, and fit into your life. Whether culinary, capsule, or topical, experience the joy of being pain-free and regain your zest for life.

Remember those hobbies you used to love?

Our products enable you to dive back in and enjoy life, no pain holding you back.

PRECISE ACTIVATION: Full activation of beneficial compounds, offering efficient pain relief when infused into oils and butters. That means less money for much more relief.

SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION: Partnered with MCR Labs, Ardent ensures effective, cost-saving results via scientifically backed (and patented!) plant activation and infusion.

PERSONALIZED RELIEF: Ardent FX and MINI provide fast, consistent pain relief, and let you tailor the dose, type, and how you consume. Mix and match for ultimate relief!

Natural Pain Management, Modern Approach

The original "plant based"

Ardent blends nature's wisdom with tech innovation. Pain relief isn't a lofty concept; it's about time-tested solutions for modern challenges.

Tried and tested

Humans have turned to nature for solace. Ardent respects this tradition, providing direct pain control that aligns with millennia of human experience.

Genuine, Not Fancy

Ardent's tech respects nature's rhythm, standing apart from the synthetic stuff. This isn't a fancy pitch; it's practical and effective

Great product, love it.

“I owned 1 and had to buy another. I love making edibles and infusing my foods. Pain for me is horrible daily, but with these I make plenty of medication for myself on a weekly basis. So thankful for this machine. Buy one you'll love it.”

Tabitha Verified Ardent customer
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX
Ardent FX

Ardent FX


Instant, exact activation of plant compounds. Lets you personalize your relief by infusing oils and butters. Scientifically validated and partnered with MCR Labs, Ardent FX guarantees effective pain control rooted in nature's wisdom.

Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI
Ardent MINI

Ardent MINI


Precision activation technology brings you relief that's as personalized as it is potent. Seamlessly infuse oils and butters with activated plant material, adjusting the method and dosage to suit your individual needs.

you have any concerns?

ardent has the answers

Why would this work when nothing else has?

Absolutely valid concern. Ardent's technology is a breakthrough. We focus on precise activation of plant compounds, ensuring optimal relief. Our track record of success stories underscores our commitment to providing effective solutions where others might fall short.

How Do I find what works for me?

Navigating pain relief can be challenging, but Ardent is here to guide you. Our products offer customization options, letting you choose the medium and dosage that suit your needs. We provide resources and support, empowering you to discover the solution that fits you best.

is there a risk of reduced productivity, weight gain, or cognitive decline?

You're not alone in wondering about this. The 'lazy consumer' myth persists, most often linked to excessive doses. In fact, pain sufferers report experiencing less side effects. Discover your optimal dose with our Dosing Calculator for effective, munchie-free relief.

What if it makes worse? Or gives me side effects I can't handle?

Your well-being is paramount. Plant medicine rarely worsens pain (we've yet to hear it). Mild, controllable side effects? Adjust dose. Trust our expertise for consistent, controlled activation. Our team supports your journey to feeling better, not worse.

Change Your Life today for less than the price of a cup of coffee

Make anything into pain relief powerhouse

One coffee

No Herb Left Behind

Ardent squeezes every, last drop (literally) out of your herbs, saving you way more than you think. It's efficient, effective, and easy on your wallet.

change Your Life with the Ultimate pain relief experience

Effortless High Impact

Ardent's instant edible delivers the potent effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, redefining the way you manage pain, hassle free.

  • Comfortable & Restful Sleep
  • Alleviates Pain Naturally
  • Soothes Stress, Anxiety
  • Our COO's favorite hack (& snack!)

simple and effective

With Ardent's solution, you gain all the benefits without lifting a finger. No effort, no downsides – just pure relief.

  • No kitchen required
  • Make herbal remedies
  • Stress and smell free
  • Discreet, precise & mobile

yes it's expensive, here's why

By choosing Ardent, you're investing in a pain relief solution that's backed by science, built to last, and tailored to your needs. We're committed to delivering the best value for your investment and helping you achieve a pain-free life without compromise.

Scientific Validation

Imitated, Never Equaled. Our patented innovation is unmatched. Backed by research and MCR Labs partnership, our rigorously tested technology delivers reliable, effective pain relief.

Long-term Savings

Choosing a cheap option costs more in the long run; we prioritize quality for savings. Our precision activation and infusion maximize herb use, resulting in significant monthly savings by utilizing every molecule.

Comprehensive Support

Your purchase is just the beginning of your journey with Ardent. Our dedicated team is here to provide guidance, answer questions, and help you maximize the benefits of your investment.

Customized Experience

Ardent products helps you to tailor your pain relief experience according to your unique preferences, providing an unparalleled level of personalization that surpasses what generic solutions can offer.


Skip the store and create infused goods at home for a fraction of the price

1 Year Warranty

All Ardent machines come with a standard 1 year warranty


Ensures discreet decarb in case you have nosey roomates


Easy as pressing one button for 97% - 100% activation. Perfect for infusing, cooking and baking