Wet and Dry Bundle
Wet and Dry Bundle

Wet and Dry Bundle


Why choose between activating or infusing? The Wet & Dry Bundle is built for dry decarbing AND wet infusions! These two handy tools are designed to keep your appliance clean during the process. All of the fun, none of the mess!

FX Vessel: Doubles as an infusion sleeve & a stash jar to store your herbs, baked goods, and more!
FX Infusion Sleeve: Food-grade, FDA-approved, and BPA-free silicon canister lining

How to Use: This versatile bundle has you covered, wet or dry! When you’re looking to decarb, grab your Vessel or Infusion Sleeve. Concentrates are perfect for activation in the Infusion Sleeve - the BPA-free silicone makes handling after activation a breeze. If you’re looking to infuse after you activate, the Vessel and Infusion Sleeve make that process easy and mess-free as well. Any butters, oils, or other infusion mediums can be added right into either accessory and used during the infusion cycle to hold the mixture and keep your FX super clean the whole way through. On top of that, the Vessel doubles as a storage container for your material and infusions!

Compatible With: Upgrade this bundle with the Single, Double, and Triple Lifters. Lifters are perfect for decarbing and infusion in large or small jars, and for making baked treats and other creations in the FX. Consider the Infusion Press if you infuse large amounts; it will help you squeeze every last drop out of your infusions. And for small amounts, the Frainer is a perfect funnel and strainer combo to give you the cleanest oil, mess-free! The Baking Lid takes your elevated treats and snacks to the next level; perfect for creating customized snacks for you and your friends!

For Our Super Smellers

Instead of cleaning your entire device, just rinse the Vessel with water and soap for an easier clean up!

Odor/Light Proof Storage

Our air tight silicon cap guarantees quality storage without any odors!

Easy To Use

Just do what you normally would do except instead of putting it directly in the device, add it to the Vessel! 

Prevent Accidental Spills

Avoid the risk of spilling and losing your infused material by using the Vessel.

Decarb, Infuse, Bake

We've made the decarboxolation and infusion process easier than ever. Simply add the plant material of your choice (no need to grind). Select your mode: A1 or A2 and then infuse the oil or butter of your choice. 

If you choose to bake, just add your ingredients directly into the FX and press the button again!