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Ardent Herbal

Hold Me Bundle

Hold Me Bundle

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It’s a perfect match! The FX Handle makes it easy to transport, pour from, and grip your Ardent FX aka the Easy Bake Oven for Adults.

The Ardent FX all-in-one, portable kitchen holds four ounces of plant material at a time, with options to activate, infuse and create.

The FX Handle is ideal for straining your infusions (oils, butter, ghee, milk, cream, and more), or moving your device around between decarb, infusing and creating cycles. With the custom handle, there is no need to use both hands on the device unless desired.

How to Use

To attach the FX Handle to the Ardent FX, start from the bottom and simply slide the accessory up on the device. Once securely fastened into place, grab onto the FX Handle and use it to easily pour out your decarbed material, infused medium, or baked treat. 

To detach the FX Handle from the Ardent FX, simply slide the accessory down the device and remove at the bottom.

The FX Handle can stay on the FX device during decarb, infuse, and bake cycles.

Compatible With

The Ardent FX Handle is compatible with the Ardent FX device, as well as most Ardent accessories including the Gen 2 Infusion Press.

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